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DateWithTime | DIY Gold Painted Leaves Garland

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It’s autumn and in your nearest park, as you walk on the alley, you will find many colorful leaves spread out on the ground. So let’s collect and use them. I will offer you a simple, easy to make step-by-step tutorial for an autumnal craft idea that will look great in your house. You can also use fake leaves.

What you’ll need:
• Leaves;
• Acrylic paint;
• One medium brush;
• Twine.

1. Prepare a big size paper which you will use to paint the leaves on so it won’t get too messy. Acrylic paint may harden on the surface you’re using and you won’t be able to wash it off.
2. Dip the brush in the paint and start painting the leaves.




I used gold acrylic paint, but you can use any other color, or more colors, if you want to. Don’t paint all the leaves the same. Cover some leaves with paint on the whole surface. On some paint stripes and dots. Let your imagination fly ad create different patterns. Then let them dry completely.
3. Next, prepare the twine. You can cut it as long as you want it, depending on the number of leaves you’re using and on the space you have where you will place the garland. Leave a minimum of 2 inches between each leaf and knot the leaves in the order you want them. I placed 12 leaves on the string, the bigger three leaves in the middle and the others on the sides.
4. Place the garland on the upper side of your window or on the edge of your furniture to add a little shine to your home.

In this picture, DateWithTime.com offers you another suggestion on how you can incorporate the garland in your house. You can create more garlands and hang them all around your house. The garlands can also be used as Thanksgiving decorations. They can last for a few weeks.

Happy crafting!